Dave's Pizza

Open at 4:00PM Daily


Pizza, the world's most perfect food.
It can be made to tempt the most discriminating of appetites.
The Pizza Chef can prepare the old standby of extra, extra cheese, pepperoni and olives and use a thin crispy crust,
or a thick deep dish variety with equal ease.
Of course the secret to any great pizza is in the sauce! Or is it the crust? Or maybe it's just the right amount of the three different cheeses?
The truth is there are many ways to make the "perfect pizza". We are fortunate that our chefs know them all. Feel free to let us know how you like yours, and we will do our best to satisfy your appetite!

a variety of pizzas, olives, cheese, green peppers, broccoli

Welcome to Dave's Pizza, where authentic Italian cuisine has been a tradition of excellence passed down from family to family since 1958!

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