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Try one of our Unbaked Pizzas to take and enjoy at your leisure!

Live out of state? Out of town? Out of our delivery area? Just need to eat at a specific time, date and place? Or don’t know when you’ll be able to eat, but know you want the legendary taste of Dave’s Pizza?

We have a solution for you! Try one of our Unbaked Pizzas. Finish baking off your Dave’s Pizza whenever you want and to your perfect liking at home!

An Unbaked Pizza is a fresh pizza from Dave’s, made to order with the exact same quality ingredients we make our in-house pizzas with. You get to bake them in your own oven at a time that is perfect for you and your family or guests!

Cooking Instructions:

  • Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees, place non-frozen pizza on middle oven rack (do NOT remove from parchment paper). 
  • Bake on parchment for 10-15 minutes, observing crust browning and cheese coloration at 5 min intervals. 
  • Bake long enough to achieve crisp light brown bottom without overcooking cheese topping. 
  • For crispier crust remove parchment part way through cooking.

*If product is frozen after purchase, use within 2 weeks.

*No additions of product preservatives added.

*Keep refrigerated or frozen.


Happy customers

Yummy! Always good pizza and the best crust in town! It’s so nice to have such a clean restaurant for dining.


Great pizza, attentive waitress, fast service. Thanks!


The pizza was awesome! We will return. This is my husband’s favorite pizza!

judy & daniel

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

Dave’s is open from 4pm – 8pm through Thursday, December 23rd – stop in and have a pizza OR pick up a no-bake to bake for Santa Claus… it would be sure to make your house the favorite stop of the night! 🎅🏻

We will be closed on both Friday, December 24 and Saturday, December 25 in celebration of Christmas. We wish you and yours a great holiday and look forward to seeing you for a post-Christmas dinner on the 26th!